Helm of Molakh

Typehelm, Cairn Scythe
SmithSilc-Bulas (Durkoth smith of Abâthigûr)
LocationZytra Baenghym, others unknown

There are eleven Helms of Molakh. Being of Durkoth manufacture, the helms are otherworldly appearing, closed-face great helms. They are a sickly green and black with serrated edges protruding from all parts of it. The helm's eye sockets are fitted with a clear light blue crystal called Magiandar. These cause the helms eye holes to glow a cold blue and sometimes ice over. The lens provide the wearer with night vision. Also while wearing the helm, the wearer becomes surrounded by wisps of ghostly shapes. This provides a soul armor to the wearer. The ghostly wisps are the same form of necromantic soul armor employed by death giants.

It is unsettling to see spirits and ghosts in many areas of the realm, untrained animals are likely to be spooked seeing such horrid things.

The helms were made by a Durkoth smith named Silc-Bulas. He was a master in making armaments infused with baleful Maen Saetild magic. He made the Helms of Molakh for an elite guard which protected a powerful Durkoth named Molakh-Búle. When Molakh-Búle and the other Durkoth fled into the deeps, the helms were sealed away in a vault deep under Phanêthil. These were reclaimed by the First Dead Council, used by their best generals in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). Six were lost or destroyed in the war, the other five are said to rest in the Nîndam Vaults inside Phanêthil.

The Helms of Molakh are sentient. They only speak Langurâpha, unwilling to learn other "inferior" languages. The nature of the helms varies, with some said to be insane. They have urgings of hunger, hunger pains, just like a mortal creature, though they don't hunger for water and food, but souls. To them, souls are just food, they think nothing of the fact that the souls they devour are lost forever. The helms are evil natured only in their callous disregard for lives taken. They are often distant and hard to communicate with, as if they become lost in the dance of spirits that surround the wearer. A helm may even hint to this by saying it is chasing down a soul nearby. The ego of a helm may come into play when it is hungry. For every drop in five points of giant strength, the helm will urge the wielder to use soul wrench . The urgings will get stronger and may lead to an ego conflict if the wearer does not carry out a successful soul wrench attack.

Alignmentneutral evil
Communicationtelepathy, speech
Giant Strengthprovides 30 strength; strength decreases at the rate of 1 per 24 hours if the wearer does not soul wrench a creaturecontinuous
Soul Armor+5 natural ACcontinuous
Night Vision darkvision to 90'continuous
Soul Wrench if the wearer attacks with an open hand and scores a 5 or more needed to hit then they can rip the soul from the creature and steal one attribute or ability - DM discretion (Fortitude DC27 to resist). This attacks utterly annihilates the life force of the creature and permanently reduces the wearer's comeliness by 1 point unless the wearer makes a Will save (DC25). The wearer will also taken on an aspect of the creature - such as skin color, scaly hands, etc. The aspect and stolen attribute, or ability, last until the next soul is taken.1/day
Built to Last The helm has the power of premonition. It can see one round into the future. If it foresees destruction of itself, the item will go ethereal. This power only affects the helm. The owner of the helm cannot use this power.continuous
Alien Weakness wearer suffers -3 against charm effectscontinuous
Linked Communication can communicate with any other Helm of Molakh wearer within 10 milescontinuous

Adventure Ancedote

In the Cinazan Front, a charismatic general named Phandibar Adrumul died. The last bit of news he read was a report on the activities of Trauma Squad. This group had successfully raided Torazan Sanctum and captured a high-ranking member of the Eldritch Conclave. Even though they were operating in the rear and not at the front, the general was appreciative of their heroic deeds. The general was known to have said on several occasions that "the rear is just as important as the front. They keep us supplied and guard communications".

The helm came into the Adrumals during the Black Tide War. It was looted from a Black Tide general. At the time, an Adrumul by the name of Zagar was serving as a mercenary in the Farinteen Alliance. When that army fell apart at the Battle of Breached Pass, he left the lost cause, made his way through the Storsalds and then headed east to Grashakh and then to Cinazan.

As part of his will, Phandibar Adrumal gave a Helm of Molakh to Trauma Squad with a note that read:

Take this helm, the Helm of Molakh and may your heroic deeds carry on into the next life.