Daughters Of Surtur

Daughters of Surtur
RegionHells Womb, Drarthiel

The Daughters of Surtur are two active volcanoes located in Agulbandal. These towering peaks are over 20,000' and continuously belch plumes of smoke and cinders upon the broken and ash-covered lands around them. The ash is five feet deep in some areas and home to many ash crawlers. The eastern volcano is called Vistlod and its opposite is Trylming. A lava river flows from both volcanoes. The lava river flowing from Vistlod is the Gruthvef. The river from Trylming is the Freysskorn. These rivers flow through the colossal fire giant city Alreirsoar.

Yorthrun Tor, a massive lava stone wall, some ten miles in length, and up to 400' high joins the Daughters of Surtur. This fortification is used as a bridge and defensive bulwark against any who seek to attack Alreirsoar.

The Daughters of Surtur are honeycombed with mines and passages. The mines have rich veins of Naanabrak and platinum. Some of the passages in the peaks are used for maintaining a complex system of tubes and vents for moving the lava that flows from the volcanoes, through Alreirsoar, and then into Jorgeir.

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