Sorrow Pass

ruins of Sorrow Pass
RegionGrashakh, Hells Womb
MapSorrow Pass Valley

This strategic pass is the only viable path for a large army to enter Hells Womb from the north. The Sorrow Road cuts through the Sorrow Pass and leads to the Lands of Purity. The Sorrow Pass ends where it meets the pines of Laucentar.

Sorrow Pass is littered with ruined fortresses and siege lines from the many wars visited upon this area. It is said the area's soil is a reddish-brown, from the countless number of fallen warriors that have spilled their blood in battle. Bones are said to make up two feet of the earth beneath. The pass is the main route for entering and leaving Hells Womb. The First Sorrow Pass War was the first major contributor to the area's many ruins. Thereafter, the Battles of Bellow Vale, Third Sorrow Pass War, and the Artery War (1546 - 1554) visted their ruin and bones to the valley.

Undead are problematic in the valley. Over the last three epochs, several hundred thousand creatures have died in this valley. Terrors like revenants, deathshriekers, ghosts, and skeletons are the most common undead encountered here.

The legendary bastion Galstyxe, renown for breaking armies, is in the pass's middle eastern reaches. Said to be a haunted place, it has long remained unclaimed by any of the region's major powers.

The most dangerous place near Sorrow Pass is Black Forge Keep. Sorrow Pass is flanked on the east by the Trudnars. Travel through this area can be dangerous since the giants of Surticon are known to make sport of hurling boulders down on passing caravans.