Orukhan - Skycius
RegionNorthern Hordelands

Orukhan is a large lake on the western edge of the Northern Hordelands. Much of the water feeding into this lake comes from Lake Radullu. This smaller, unnatural lake, fed by a watery rift to another world is above Orukhan on a high plateau. The unusual make-up of this plateau speaks of either divine doings or tainting from Chaos. Ancient history says that in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), a primordial named Sarseg opened the Radullu Rift from atop this plateau. Later when the Covenant general Silvanus succeeded in submerging the rift's other end (on the planet Throndar), it led to a river of water spilling across the plateau and over its sides. The rift created lake Radullu, then expanded the size of lake Orukhan, created the Engargin mires and had far-reaching effects deep into the Troll Bogs.

In the northern reaches of Orukhan is the Isle of Hraenar and the ancient city of Incubus.

Notable Areas