Ebon Widow Dress

Typefull-length dress, unique

The Ebon Widow Dress was made as a gift to the first high priestess of Lolth. It is made of spider silk and dyed an ebon black. When under bright light, the spider silk shines through the dye revealing intricate web designs. The dress was handed down from high priestess to high priestess, changing empires and churches as one fell to another. In the First Epoch, drow fleeing the world Kriav used a Feywild Fuse to enter Bal-Kriav's Underdark region Menortamon. They would go on to found the empire Eldalweril and establish a powerful church to Lolth. The main goal of this church was the eradication of the surface elves of Taurelin (the surface region above them). In the High Down War, the Angrods brought down the Eldalweril empire. In the fight to take the city the high priestess of Lolth, wearing the Ebon Widow Dress, marshaled an army of 200 giant spiders of all types. High Priestess Rilynt'tar died surrounded by the bodies of her spider horde, dealing out Lolth's wrath and dying in the glory of taking down am untold number of foes. It is said that she trapped dozens in webs and cocoons and slew those in close quarters with virulent poison bites - all powers of the Ebon Widow Dress.

The Ebon Widow Dress was a trophy in the halls of Mablung for nearly three centuries. It was stolen in 1575 by drow agents serving the whims of Lolth. The current whereabouts of the dress are unknown.

Spider Touchcan move through any web with no penaltycontinuous
Spider Senseas psionic power Danger Sensecontinuous
Reaper Bite bite attack that delivers a virulent poison - Fortitude DC20 + wearers charisma modifier, scoring 5d4 damage each round until a save is made, half of the damage scored is vile damage5/day
Webas the spell equal to the level of the wearer2/day
Cocoonthis ray attack encases a target in sticky paralytic webbing - the webbing is equal to a forcecage and the paralytic secretions of the cocoon require a Fortitude DC24 each round or be permanently paralyzed 2/day