The Khunwrak hills are in southwestern Nabarzud. Many of the tops of the area's hills hold the ruins, piles of rubble, an obelisk or ancient tower that has been rebuilt or added to. In the Creation War, a general serving under Naraz-Nâru fortified Khunwrak with columns of rock and towers. These were then joined by chains and netting creating a defense against air attacks. This defensive grid was a costly and time-consuming effort, because by the time it was completed, three decades later, sector Narbuzad was securely in the hands of the Nawirrûs Covenant.

Khunwrak's ancient fortifications, in the God Era derisively referred to as Nûl's Folly, were successful in breaking up urd and other air attackers serving primordial masters, yet as previously mentioned, were enormously costly. When Covenant forces moved on to other sectors, General Nûl, son of Naraz-Nâru, and architect of Khunwrak's defenses, was censured for his waste and sent to the rear; far behind the angelic advance. This was done because Bal-Kriav, supreme commander of the Nawirrûs Covenant, was none too pleased with Nûl's wastefulness; even recommending that he be busted down to the rank of mere captain. Since General Nûl was Naraz-Nâru's son, there was an obvious problem with him carrying out Bal-Kriav's recommendation. So Naraz-Nâru allowed his son to keep his rank, but assigned him to the rear for the remainder of the war.

Some of the obelisks and towers of Khunwrak are still around. These places have outlasted others because they are made of concrete with reinforcing bars (re-bar). General Nûl is credited with inventing this construction technique that though costly, makes fortifications and structures very durable and very strong. Perhaps from stories past down over many generations, Nathol's urds still fear Khunwrak and will not pursue anyone that passes into these hills.