Typesaddle sword, unique

Webreaver is the energy of a null mine given form. It is an ancient weapon forged in the Dawn Era by those serving the primordials. It was created to slash through the Web of Magic, thereby creating a rift between the systems. It was used to create the Henmona Rift that ushered in the primordial invasion of Kriav.

In the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), this weapon fell into the hands of Hezxis. In the Demon Spawn War, he used this weapon to create the Hezxis Pocket. After the fall of Una'gah and the death of Hezxis, this weapon was taken by the Maeraddyth Brigade. The bearer of this weapon was killed by demons on their retreat back to the Hezxis Pocket.

Many centuries later, githyahki explorers of Una'gah recovered the plans for making the Webreaver. By this time, the energy binding things and the Web of Magic had greatly fortified. The githyanki were unable to create another weapon like Webreaver, but they did succeed in creating the first silver sword; though not as powerful as the Webreaver, silver swords used in the Astral Sea are capable of severing a creature's link to their home system.

In the Horgon Era, Webreaver was in the hands of Thyrm. He loaned it to one of his shamans on Bal-Kriav who in turn used it to create the Fjorstaki Rift and the resulting Anzar glacier.

Webreaver is a +6 vorpal force saddle sword.

Modulating Energy when striking an opponent, the weapon deals random energy damage equal to the victim's level1/round
Create Rift create a temporary rift that lasts 1-4 days, while open the wielder is at 1/2 normal constitution, user must also make a Fortitude DC30 or permanently lose 1 point of constitution1/month
Null Mine Essence -2 on saves vs spells cast by lawful aligned creaturescontinuous