Wards & Sigils

some common sigils of Phollûmâ
Typesigils, wards

Wards and sigils are areas of permanent magic. Many possible uses, they are commonly used as bindings, keep something trapped inside or keeping intruders out. The most powerful wards require a team of high-level casters, expensive ingredients, and a lot of preparation.

Boundary Wards

This ward prevents creatures from leaving the confines of it. Typically, these wards are used to keep dangerous creatures, items or other hazards within a restricted area.

The largest boundary wards encase entire regions and even continents. Two of the most well-known are those in Elemantum and Turgon. In Elemantum, the Zenduram created the Elemantum Boundary Ward as a way to contain the empires of Cinderfall and Artaxertus. The Turgon Boundary Ward was created to contain Demogorgon's legions. Great boundary wards like these are powered by towering monoliths made of Tolm. It takes the collective magic of dozens of wizards or divine magic to create these great boundary wards.

Fear to Evil Ward

Any evil creature touching this warded area must make a Will save (DC22) or be affected by a fear spell for one turn and refuse to enter the area of effect for 1-4 days.

Force Ward

The Force Ward protects the area as a wall of force. The casters of the ward are immediately notified when the Force Ward has been breached. The Force Ward has a 25% chance of reflecting magic and other attacks back on the attacker.

Notable Force Wards
Nellaegaer Force Ward1513 Abyssal Funnel
Travel Impenetrability Ward

This ward protects the area from entering by transportive spells like teleportation, plane shifting, astral travel, phasing, ethereal and any other magic-influenced movement. Except for small areas of escape, most palaces use these wards extensively.

Time Stop Ward

The Time Stop Ward was created by a Nithian wizard named Amrî Khêru. The ward acts like a time stop spell and is permanent. Khêru created this ward to halt the instability of a powerful magical rod named Hulêthûn.