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Linnorms are a species of wingless dragons that are generally evil to the core. In the Creation War, a clutch of eggs were stolen from the hatchery of Bruh Kreniik's mate Lissoth. The eggs were taken to one of the worlds of Piranoths Steps and put under the care of a primordial brood mother. Of the five eggs, all but one hatched. It remained unmoving, cold and assumed dead. It was cast out and left to the scavengers. The other four, tainted by chaos, became something altogether different than their silver dragon mother. They became the first of the linnorm dragon sub-types.

During the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), a vrock named Fesriyes found the one egg that did not hatch and been discarded to abyssal vermin. The demon Fesriyes tried in vain to open it, failing to sate his appetite. Lissoth's fifth egg was impenetrable to blow or magic - a trait acquired from its other progenitor Bruh Kreniik. When word got around that a petty demon was wandering around with a dragon egg, interested parties sent their minions to investigate the situation, following these up with others to take it by whatever means at hand. Lissoth, sensing the danger of her last egg, sent a missive to Fesriyes. She promised him an exit from the Abyss and travel Gehenna, but that he must protect and bring the egg with him. Fesriyes intended to do this anyway, for he believed that he possessed a magical item of great power, perhaps even a Dragon Orb! Fesriyes hesitated to take this deal because he had no idea who the messenger was serving. He was forced to accept the deal after a two close calls with pursuers that would have ended in his death. He had to take the chance, even though it possibly met his death as soon as he went through the gate, for to stay would only bring a heinous torturous death by demons. Fesriyes went through the gate, but instead of coming out in Gehenna he found himself in a large glass-like sphere floating among the clouds. In this sphere was Lissoth and dozens of faerie dragons. They made quick work of the demon; and for a short time, Lissoth'S fifth egg was again by her side. Ultimately though, the egg could not be kept for it was tainted from its long stay in the Abyss. The egg was taken to Limbo and put under the care of the entropic dragon Ingetosh.

On Limbo, Ingetosh was given the runes to break the ward on the egg, allowing it to hatch. The egg, having been chaos infused from long exposure to Abyssal energies, not surprisingly produced a linnorm. As the linnorm hatch-ling grew, Ingetosh found herself hard-pressed to control something possessed of such brutality and malice. She gave the wyrmling the name Corpse Tearer. At young age for a dragon, Corpse Tearer made out on its own and was not heard from again for thousands of years.

Linnorms found their way to Bal-Kriav in the Thrones War. Those that come through the two great rifts of this war, are pressed into service, becoming mounts or war machines for either the Cinderfall or Artaxertus. Over time a few escaped their captors and fled to remote areas of Igas or Anubeth. Before the Elemantum Boundary Ward encased these two regions, some linnorm escaped Elemantum altogether, heading to Brucrumus, Denerra and beyond.

Notable Linnorm
NameLinnorm TypeOrganizationEra
Corpse Tearer Dawn Era - present
LantercoldfrostSilithev-Ite's Blood ArrowsFirst Epoch - Third Epoch
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