Deathguard Plate

Typefull plate or better
ForgeValefor Deathworks
Locationvaries, one owned by Syrtis Blackclaw

Deathguard Plate is a +5 suit of full plate or better armor that affords immunity versus life-level draining. It is crafted of fused demoniac bones taken from around Valefor. These bones are supplemented with green metallic scales taken from a legendary dracolich named Hurguulich. This dracolich was the first of her kind, created by a necrotic primordial named Maen Grirngrim. The scales used to make the Deathguard Plates are of the lesser quality. The greater scales of Hurguulich are said to be of such quality that one would only use them to make armor of epic qualities.

Drog'paagol created the first suit of Deathguard Plate. It was made during the days when he had mortal commanders overseeing his armies of undead. As time past, and Drog'paagol grew more evil, he came to view his mortal commanders as a weakness with all their sleep, food, and other mortal requirements, so he turned them into vampires. These commanders came to be know as the Deathguard Generals. The loss of these Deathguard Generals across the realm in various schemes and missions of Drog'paagol resulted in a dozen or more suits ending up in the hands of others, in vaults, or lost to some dark place.

Commanders Soulward immune to life-level drainingcontinuous
Valefor Bones create a glabrezu skeleton, with three allowed to be active at one time 1/day