Hejan Spires

a Hejan Spire forms

Hejan Spires is an unnatural wasteland on the southeastern edge of Guramarth. It came into being with the opening of the Togomud Sink. It was a side effect in the rift's opening, creating cracks in Bal-Kriav's Web of Magic. As fine streams of arcane energy bled into the land it caused millions of jagged spires to burst through the surface across a 1000 square mile area. To the consternation of Rilirthad, and more specifically Gebs Chosen, this area became a natural dam to the Granitoid Spill.

Hejan Spires is a dangerous area to travel. At random intervals, sometimes every minute, other times after months have passed, spires of rock burst forth from the ground. These topple existing spires or become new monuments to the landscape. Armies that have tried to cross this area, even Earthen ones under Rilirthad, have suffered terribly from the sudden appearance of a spire.

Sometimes, earth elementals come up from the surface with these rising spires. They are thought to be crossing temporary rifts created by the area's instability. On an alien world, there time of freedom does not last long, because the slave towns around Hejan Spires get most of their income by enslaving these rogue elementals and selling them to merchants or to the armies of Rilirthad.