Founded29 Bliss 2712 LE

Kul-Citti was founded by Tragarans out of Sourm-Gar. It is sited on an island off the Gulimbor's northern coasts. After Sourm-Gar fishers found the area rich in bounty, a deep port was constructed.

In 350, the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty was established. Kul-Citti went from independent city-state to imperial holding. This annexation went without resistance. The Kul-Cittins were glad to have someone else paying for defense, upkeep, and protecting them from pirates coming out of Ing-Serold. Their greatest fear was the threat posed by the Khazarkar, aggressively taking land in the Imrabêl Valley.

In the Gulimbor Cataclycsm, the city was wracked with magical energy which caused the seas around to boil. It also raised the temperature in the area resulting in desertification of the island. Like so many others affected by the magical cataclysm, or Khazarkar warmongering, the people of Kul-Citti were forced to abandon their city and the island.

Today, the more dangerous creatures to encounter in this ruin are dust wights. These creatures came about when mages tried to summon water elementals as a source of drinking water. Perhaps from arcane taint brought on by the cataclysm, instead of providing pools of water when they were killed, they turned to dust and rose as hateful creatures power by negative energy.

Civilization Tree
Cal-Thaoun Dynasty