The Tragaran family of Tyrian had their beginnings in the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty. During this empire's reign in Gulimbor, the Tyrians were an up and coming family with business interests in cargo handling and some ship building.

When the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty fled across the seas in the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), the Tyrians found themselves shipwrecked along the northern coasts of Ma'Ohari. Luckily, they were discovered when elderaunts came ashore to procure water. A week later, after the Battle of Satheon, the elderaunts picked them up and took them to Ivory Asylum. Since these were military ships, they were not allowed to take them to Brucrumus; where the other refugees of Cal-Thaoun had migrated too.

The Tyrians ended up staying with Ivory Asylum. They became citizens. Over the next two hundred years, the Tyrians became a wealthy family and formed a shipping company called the Tyrian League. The central holdings of this family are in Rîni.