Ausul Raf Hells Rift

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasHells Rift
MapIizus Yeldah

Ausul Raf is a deep smoking rift east of Inzurakthol. The rift covers one hundred miles east to west and twelve miles at its widest. At its deepest point, the canyon floor is three miles down. The chilling winds of Inzurakthol create miserable conditions in the rift. The high winds buffet the landscape, creating smooth pinnacles of rock, tracts of sand dunes, and trees and vegetation that bend westward. The rift continuously smokes and releases odors unnatural to any other area of Bal-Kriav. Sometimes, screams of the dead echo out of nowhere or a fiendish form will briefly appear and then just as quickly vanish into nothingness.

Ausul Raf is a dire place with a befitting dark history. During the rise of Piamauza civilization in the Aerie of Dragons, nearing the 6th century of the Horgon Era, a rival city-state to Kathodrarg arose in the heart of what was then just another part of the forest Cartáricil. The rival city-state of Lod Stohl refused to bend to their rival's desire of empire formation, so they warred with each other. After five years of war, Lod Stohl was on the brink of falling to Kathodrarg. In the hopes of turning the tide against a much more powerful enemy, the magocracy of Lod Stohl turned to powerful conjuration spells contained in an ancient book called the Shift Tome. It is said they were duped by Dispater, then posing as lowly fodder to his summoners. Instead of summoning him and an army of spine devils, the entire city and the land around it was shifted to a faraway system. The city found itself on the world Dis. The people of Lod Stohl, now in the realm of Dispater and countless other devils, were enslaved or killed by their new masters. The abrupt disappearance of Lod Stohl from Bal-Kriav left in its wake a smoking rift.