Arquar Wood Elf
RegionIce Cap
RaceWood Elf

The Arquar are a wood elven people that have roamed Brucrumus since before the coming of the Lith-Crillion. Their numbers have remained constant for the last thousand years, staying around 10,000 souls.

The Arquar take wood elven grace in the canopy and camouflage to the next level. Some claim them to have the dexterity of a cat and to be master acrobats. Their mail and weapons are masterwork quality and are specially forged. This causes even normal weapons to radiate a pale blue aura. Arquar are xenophobic and if pressed by a large force, they will melt into the nearest forest and either turn to guerrilla tactics or prepare to migrate from the area.

In the First Epoch, they lived in the towering evergreen forest Teltenar. They were under constant threat of forest giants and the other giants of central Cinazan. They built a vast network of interconnected holdings among ravines and canyons. These areas were interconnected by hundreds of tunnels and laden with deadly traps. The Arquar held off the giants for hundreds of years, but then grew weary of the ever-present threat and declining game. In the beginning of the Second Epoch, the Arquar migrated north into Ice Cap and settled in Grulvid.