Maar Gosvah Terror Wood

entrance to Fethath
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasTerror Wood
MapMaar Gosvah Forest

Maar Gosvah is an ancient forest with tree tops towering up to 400' above the forest floor. The base of some of these mammoth trees are up to 150' in diameter. The forest floor is a dim and mist-shrouded area. The mists are most dangerous in the mornings, when it creeps from Sosin Luv, obscuring the large tracts of the forest and any foes lurking about.

Maar Gosvah is an eerie and dark forest. It is common to hear eerie wails, draconic growls, and other unsettling sounds echoing from the darker depths of the forest. Green dragons, death giants, quicklings and twig blights in the tens of thousands, black unicorns and many other terrors are to be found in Maar Gosvah. The forest's most dangerous foes are the three druidic liches that lead the Decay Conclave. Each differ in their objectives, but brook no interference from forces outside of Maar Gosvah. When faced with raiders or armies of draconic minions they join forces.

One of the darkest and most dangerous places of this dark nature forest is Fethath. This evil forest is in a valley with only one entrance. The trees lining the entrance look like the heads of liches. Beyond these is an area that even the Decay Conclave are reluctant to enter.

The northwestern part of the forest borders the Dragon Wall. This area of the forest is home to stone giants and many giant eagles.

Notable Areas