Created3 Temporal 1801

Aphenarun is an unnatural mountain near the heart of the Karnegmoth region. In the Third Epoch, it underwent a dramatic, divinely induced change. This made the old volcanic cone go "hot", but instead of spewing lava, it spewed great volumes of water down its slopes. The eruption was continuous, with great geysers and clouds of steam. Downslope, lake Waloom saw its shores expand tenfold. In the years that followed, the Knaevan river widened. The area for a hundred miles in all directions became wet and rainy. All of these changes were brought on by the opening of the Waterhaven Channel; an inter-system rift to a seemingly infinite expanse of water somewhere in Chaos. The Bal-Kriav side of this rift is located deep inside mount Aphenarun.

The god Lokestant, daughter of the gods Tempestant and Phalgas. lives inside this mountain. Her beautiful city Halius is perched above Aphenarun's caldera.

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