The Mezrack are Dulun that through unfortunate circumstances found themselves on Bal-Kriav when the moon they were on broke apart - sending the World Splitter spinning into the vast expanse of the Void. In the fourth century of the Horgon Era, they crash landed on Bal-Kriav. In the Malurn region, they began to rebuild their civilization and after a time sent colonists to Arcana.

Before coming to Bal-Kriav, these dwarves lived on Ilabizdum's moon Dûlan-Nûl. An ancient Mezrack legend, not spoken among them anymore, says that in 310 HE, they found a massive-bore like device under a great hill that could easily have been a mountain except that it seemed unnaturally piled up. The device they found was so large that it contained numerous chambers and passages, and it had the features of a mobile city. Later research found that the device was in fact a creation of the god Tarâk. In the Creation War, Tarâk was a radical angel who sought wild and brutal ways to bring about the destruction of the primordials. His measures were so extreme, that Bal-Kriav sent him off to guard Dûlan-Nûl against any potential primordial invasion. On this moon, Tarâk worked on a massive device that once finished could be used to lay waste enemy fortifications and possibly even their worlds.

The primordials and their lackeys seek to return what we have created to the folds of chaos. To win this fight, I will take the fight to the enemy, and destroy their worlds with the World Splitter. After one success, I'm confident Bal-Kriav will see fit to bring me back to the front-lines.

- Tarâk, runes inside the World Splitter - "Tarâk's Bitterness"

Sometimes after the Creation War ended, Tarâk and the other angels departed the Mortal Systems. The World Splitter, built in secret and unknown to the gods and angels, was left hidden underground.

Thousands of years after it was buried, the Mezrack found the ancient device and came to inhabit it, and then five years after that, they turned it on. The World Splitter was used to find iron, gold, gemstones and other precious veins beneath the surface. For fifteen years, the dwarves carved a way through Dûlan-Nûl. The Mezrack, driven by greed, ended up causing the moon to break apart. In 330 HE, Dûlan-Nûl broke apart, sending fragments of it into Ilabizdum and others into the Void. In 331 HE, some of the pieces drifted into Bal-Kriav's atmosphere and impacted. This event became known as the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm. One of the pieces that reached Bal-Kriav, that containing the World Splitter, smashed into Malurn. The World Splitter was mostly destroyed and nearly 25,000 people perished on impact. Several hundred luckily survived thanks to them being inside the bore; an area jokingly referred to by them as Tarâk's Phallus. This bore-area was protected from shock and contained other protections which saved most of those inside. The survivors, now marooned on Bal-Kriav, turned to rebuilding their civilization. After abandoning the wreckage of the World Splitter, they went north founding Azaraglad on 26 Hollow 332 HE. Three decades later, settlers made it to the isle of Arcana, establishing a hold on the Mithivî Mountains and founding the settlement of Mîmig-Khâla on 29 Saunas 369 HE.

In 297, Mezrack settlers left Arcana for new lands. They did this in a massive submersible found at the Nautilus Crag of Felth. This Lith-Crillion vessel, a Âni-Nâthil, what could be described as a colonizer ship with the type of facilities aboard, easily accommodated the two hundred or so that set-out for new lands. A month later they found good lands for settlement on Cinduk. In 298, they founded the settlement of Agibandal.

Another group of settlers left Mîmig-Khâla in 344. They used the same Pod Nautiloid as those that left in 297. Twice the size of the last group, numbering close to four hundred, they set out north into the Nielalroch Sea. By way of the Sea Tunnel, they were taken far east to the coasts of Enkii Jusk. From there, they went north to Klo'nah Lomok and then inland where they established the settlement Ilbaragûn.

Racial Traits
Racial as dwarf