forsaken dwarf of Rethmorg
Dark Woad5%
DeitiesMelrith, Tarâk
EnemiesOgre Union, goblin tribes of Gelakgizal
Established26 Brightstar 1044

The Alburgumînd bloodline have ruled the empire Rethmorg since its establishment on 26 Brightstar 1044. The dwarves of this kingdom were once goodly people, worshipers of Naraz-Nâru, but due to Orchish Empire expansion, numerous Toomrur tribes were displaced. The Toomrur pushed into the lands claimed by the Rethmorg. A series of conflicts ensued and still continue today between the Ogre Union and the people of Rethmorg.

The long wars have taken their toll on the dwarven population. Over a long period of time, the dwarves started turning from the ways of good. They poisoned the streams feeding into Toomrur encampments, and started murdering female Toomrur and non-combatants. There were periods when they stopped these dastardly genocidal acts, but it would be renewed again whenever it was viewed that to preserve Rethmorg civilization, extreme measures must be taken.

In 1164, Rethmorg allied with the goblins of the Gelakgizal crags. This alliance resulted in the Rethmorg becoming forsaken by Naraz-Nâru. The Rethmorg were unperturbed, a transition to Tarâk was under way, thanks to Mîmêk influence. The Molcombur, people dwelling in the deeps of Mulbind-Fel, were preaching the word of Tarâk for decades before the Goblin-Dwarf Alliance. Tarâk's influence spread from the depths to the surface dwarves by way of Molcombur missionaries. They often met in the Underdark, and over a long period of time, temples to Tarâk began to spread through-out the Rethmorg kingdom. Naturally, there were battles between the churches of Naraz-Nâru and Tarâk, but the backing of the Rethmorg government proved too strong for those still attached to the old ways of doing good.

Rethmorg and the Ogre Union are frequently at war with each other. The current leader, King Kurr Alburgumînd XX, has 15 clans under his iron rule. Rethmorg has allied with the Ogre Union during large-scale incursions by the Orchish Empire. Their largest trading partners are the Ogre Union and Molcombur.

During the periods of peace with the Ogre Union, Rethmorg turns on their weaker neighbors, the goblins of Gelakgizal. The evil dwarves have enslaved numerous goblin tribes for their slave trade with the Ogre Union and other foreign markets. The dwarves have more than 54,000 goblins in their kingdom. Half of this population are slaves. During time of war, they serve in the front-lines, while at peace, they are put to menial tasks.

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