Âni-Nâthil Pod Nautiloid

ClassÂni pod
AliasPod Nautiloid

These submersibles were the product of Lith-Crillion research into watery lifeforms, squeezing enough water energy out of them, while keeping them alive. They are built by using the gargantuan nautilus of Mephigax or other deep ocean. While keeping the creature alive, part of their water energy is drained away. This leaves areas within the creature's body suitable for magical engineering, living bays and cargo areas to support settlers and supplies destined for distant research outposts.

Âni-Nâthil are living organisms with mechanical attachments and compartments crafted within it. If not piloted it wanders freely about the ocean depths, often returning to where it was built.

In the First Epoch, explorers out of Mîmig-Khâla discovered two of these ancient vessels beneath the ruins of Felth. They came at a most fortunate time. For centuries at the limit of what they could do with the land around them, population at its maximum, Mîmig-Khâla's elders were quick to put the Lith-Crillion tech to use. They sent out settlers, excess population, to found new settlements on distant shores. Two of the better known groups sent out aboard the Âni-Nâthil founded Agibandal (Year 298). On 26 Artifice 346, another group founded Ilbaragûn inland of Brucrumus's eastern coasts.

Hit Points8,000
Size400' long, 150' beam
Cost4,000,000 GP

Special Qualities
  • Lesser Sonic Cone - 1/round, 100' cone dealing 6d6hp of damage (DC25 Reflex for half damage)
  • Greater Sonic Cone - 1/hour, 500' cone dealing 16d6hp of damage (DC30 Reflex for half damage)
  • Electrical charge - 1/round, radiating out 30' from the shell dealing 5d6hps of damage (DC25 Reflex for half damage)
  • Regeneration - 10hp/hour