Baenghym Jhalavar


In the Zszhriiryl Uprising, the drow house of Jhalavar was deposed. Jhalavar and her siblings took the name Baenghym as a replacement for their fallen house. They were forced to give up their family name and split; all following their customary rules of war when a group of houses tries to take over.

The Baenghym still have the goal of returning Runelderil to the old ways, when woman ruled the people and Lolth was the empire's primary deity.

With the forced migration of Runelderil's survivors in the Onyx Enmity War (915 - 920), the Baenghyms migrated north, helping resettle and rebuild the new capital. Here, the family became a powerful force in the city, with a near monopoly on banking.

In 1823, they led the Baenghym Uprising. The goal of this civil war was similar to the Zszhriiryl Uprising, except this time they wanted their matriarch to rule. The Baenghym Uprising was a failure and the matriarch was killed. The matriarch's younger twin sister survived the culling of the leading ladies of the house. She joined a monastery just outside of Mulun-D√Ľna; and is still considered a threat to Runelderil. The Baenghyms survived due to their grip on the empire's finances, they held the banks, the loans, and enough information on influential people to ruin them.