Typesonic technology

Päiki-Synhö are devices using sound energy as their mode of attack. Invented by the Auhtai, these are very old weapons. Early in the First Epoch, Gimrune explorers made treks into Hive's interior where they found Auhtai ruins. In places like Seirsteutu, they found such weapons, returning them to their island for re-engineering.

Today, Engineen's workshops are the largest producers of Päiki-Synhö weapons. Ba'lith, close to the Hive Region and the parts to make such weapons, is the second largest producer. Balith's most well-known Päiki-Synhö is the knell cannon.

The largest Päiki-Synhö weapons ever created are the Sonic Horns. These towers are used by Ba'lith to slow and deter hive swarms from ravaging their lands.

Päiki-Synhö weapons require carapaces and other parts of certain beetles and bugs found only in the Hive Region.