RegionGrashakh, Imgangreth

Phazgamir is a volcano in the southern tracts of the Ugradrath mountains. In the Creation War a unit of firenewts was sent to this volcano. Under one of Surtur's generals, they were tasked with guarding the cone's many lava tubes and dozens of chambers storing war equipment. The war never really reached their post, so they were largely forgotten about. A century and a half later they were needed in another theater. When the fire titan Beiti Drokar came to get them, she found them scattered across the mountain's great interior, fighting each other for space - the result of their procreating with reckless abandonment. They refused to join their general, saying the war is over and that they were working for Chaos in their own way. This logic gave the general pause. Instead of clearing the place out by force, she requested new orders of action. The order came down from Surtur to leave them be, saying their attitude would only cause problems later.

In the Titan Era, Phazgamir's fire newt population was joined by disenfranchised elements of the Hofthorm Empire. These were fire giants and fire archons more moderate in their views, wanting peace and prosperity with peoples around them. It is a view espoused by the god Kossuth; patron deity of most of Phazgamir's firenewts.