RegionGrashakh, Cinazan

At the Benâth defile, the Orchish Empire road of Lerkun ends and the Khazarkar Empire road of Agluzar begins. This road leads northeast through Ugradrath to the mighty walls of Rônal-Rôtîr. Shortly after leaving this city, the road forks east and northwest. The northwest road is called Tanul and heads to Aphalê. The eastern road, Agluzar, continues into the hills and evergreen forests of N'nathil. After breaking out of the forest, the road continues to Hulkurân. Half-way to this border fortress, the road forks to the north. This northern road is called the Phayan. It leads to Sakarumân.

After passing through Hulkurân, the Agluzar heads east into Sahânzar and then bends south, ending at Barun-Mitân.