Lyfning Bar


Named by the giants of Glangveif, Lyfning Bar is a rugged canyon valley cutting north to south through the Ugradrath Mountains. Along it and into the slopes and highlands around this pass are numerous fortifications. They serve as the first-line of defense against attack by either the legions of the Orchish Empire or those the Khazarkar Empire. Near the heart of this strategic valley is the Alarthand River.

In 1444, the two empires worked together in the rebuilding of the great spans of Thorvir Kroi. An enormous bridge, it was built in the Horgon Era by the frost giants of Glangveif. It was a route to their holds scattered among Ugradrath's icy slopes.

Today, in times of peace, Thorvir Kroi is a bridge town jointly administrated by the civilian sectors of the Orchish and Khazarkar empires.

Notable Areas