RegionNorthern Hordelands

The Theegan tribe Grimyat began on the world Os√Ęchar. When some members of the tribe delved into the ancient crypt of Gurapulax, resting place of possibly the most powerful Durkoth necromancer ever, they became cursed with shadow-stuff, becoming Shades in a matter of days. They unknowingly spread this curse through-out the tribe, within a week infecting everyone, all becoming Shades. The strangest part of the curse was that they were still able to produce off-spring, which are born as shades.

The Shadow Curse of Gurapulax is no longer contagious. Attempts at removing the curse usually fail; most Grimyat believe it a gift to be something so advantageous.

Because the entire tribe are shades, they are a dangerous force to come against. Fortunately for those that live around them, they are generally peaceful. In the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), they were allies of the Holy Quinary. As a mercenary group, they were the highest paid soldiers on the field. They proved their worth by sneaking into enemy camps, firing off a barrage of arrows and attacks at their target, then vanishing into the shadows.

You ever see two hundred warriors shadow step at once? The Grimyat did it at the Battle of Hound Wash. An entire unit of Theegan berserkers stepped into the nether, reappearing behind the heavy bone troops of the skeletal warrior Ingu'palos and into his ranks of ju-ju archers. They tore the archers apart before the front-line realized what was happening. The bold maneuver won the day.

- Balas Thangad, Tragaran military professor of the Blutium Citadel - "Grimyats Shadowsteppers"

Like other Theegans, the Grimyat came to Bal-Kriav aboard the Spire of Krak-Oth. They were not slaves like the other Theegan tribes, instead they were stowaways. They were able to sneak into the departing Helas Vessel by blending into shadows or stepping into the nether and moving around the archon guards and patrols. When the crew of the ship went into incubation tanks, the Grimyat did the same. Three centuries later, arriving on Bal-Kriav, they again used their powers to escape into the shadows. They headed far southwest, away from the slaves, archons, and Durkoth taking hold of the land around the Spire.

When the Divine Empire came to power, they were forced deeper into Kuli-Cir. Emissaries of the group tried to settle the matter peacefully by stating that it was other Theegan tribes that were carrying out the raids and that they were not affiliated with the Witch Horde, but the pleas fell on deaf ears. The trackers of the Divine Empire thought they had been driven out of the forest, but the Grimyat went into the shadows and then underground. The tribal chieftain stated, "they call us raiders, we must live up to that name." As a result, the Grimyat are a constant nuisance to the Divine Empire. ascension