Kradlod - Lirgaza

RegionHells Womb, Drarthiel

Kradlod is an active volcano in the southwestern part of Agulbandal. Compared to the other volcanoes of the surrounding wasteland, it is tall and slender like a spire. It is fed by a great fiery river called the Annbild Hrolmir. Descending into the subterranean reaches of Ufthag, the base of Kradlod merges with a lava lake named Hroi.

Kradlod is home to fire giant and fire troll rebels, along with magmin, fire mephits and fire elementals; none of which want to be subjects of the Surticon Empire.

After eruptions, which are more frequent than the other three volcanoes of the area, Kradlod's slopes become littered with rough black opals and molten rocks embedded with high amounts of iron.

Notable Areas
Notable Resources
  • Black Opal
  • Iron