RegionHells Womb, Drarthiel

Kradlod is an active volcano in the southwestern part of Agulbandal. It is a tall and slender peak compared to the other volcanoes of this wasteland.

Kradlod is fed by a great fiery river that courses in and around it. This river of lava is Annbild Hrolmir. The lowest reaches of the volcano border this river and the Underdark lava lake Hroi.

The most common foe to encounter in and around the volcano are salamanders. The other creatures of the area are fiery types like fire giants, fire trolls, magmin, mephits, and fire elementals.

After eruptions, which are more frequent for this volcano than the other two in Agulbandal, Kradlod's slopes are sprinkled with black opals and molten rocks embedded with a high amount of iron.

Notable Areas