Bara Bogi Old Mines

RegionImgangreth, Sathubas
Built840 HE - present

Bara Bogi began as a mine under the foundations of a great Hofthorm styled citadel called Krarthjar.

In the reign of Asmorgerd, an exiled fire giant king, work began on a lucky piece of intelligence. Pried from wandering priests, it led to the means for financing Krarthjar's expansion; one driven by the enthralled of Thyrms Blueprints. The wandering priests, proselytizers of Geb, were looking for those willing to listen to the story of their patron deity. Brought before Asmorgerd, they were summarily sent to the dungeons for some information gathering sessions. Asmorgerd learned of a great vein of iron spiraling downward, what the dead proselytizers called the Spear of Dispater.

For thousands of years, miners have been tapping the Spear of Dispater. Like the legend of this spear splintering as it was cast down into the earth, the mines are also scattered, interconnected by tunnel network to pockets of iron away from he main vein. With branches, shafts going up and down, the entirety is more like a labyrinth than a normal mine.

Descending miles down, Bara Bogi is a vast network of tunnels, old living areas for the miners and traders, and new ones near the untapped iron. It spans several subterranean tiers, with mining camps and towns along the way.

Like the great fortress above it, Bara Bogi has been expanding for three millennia.

It is true there is always work in Bara Bogi. It has broken many, physically and monetarily. It has been the ruin of companies and broken state finances. There is a madness in the Old Mines and the valley fortresses of Krarthjar. Make what you can quick, but don't make it your home. Every family in this city has lost someone to the madness of Bara Bogi. The notes are always the same, "subject worked himself to death".

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