Atlaknar is a volcanic region in southern Grashakh. The two most imposing landmarks of this area is the volcano Birkrarg and the ancient citadel Krarthjar. Birkrarg is an active volcano that erupts at least once a year. Fortunately for those in its midst, the eruptions have only impacted areas north and to the west of the peak. In the broken plain north of this fiery peak is the largest castle in the realm, Krarthjar.

In 760 HE, the fire giant king Tolfreid was banished from Hofthorm. He and his minions went far from the lands of his brethren, traveling deep into Grashakh. They settled in Atlaknar, and began building the great fortress Krarthjar. The builders erected a monstrous wall to divert anything that is spewed out of the nearby volcano. The wall diverts lava and pyroclastic flows around it - or at least most of the time.

Atlaknar is a dangerous area to travel. Poisonous gases, volcanic eruptions, and the terrors of Krarthjar can quickly send one to the after-life.

Notable Areas