Atlaknar - Inirthak

Atlaknar is a volcanic area of Inirthak. The two most imposing landmarks of this area is the volcano Birkrarg and the ancient citadel of Krarthjar. Birkrarg, an active volcano, erupts at least once a year. These eruptions usually affect areas north and to the west of the peak. In the broken plain north of this fiery peak is the Titan hold of Krarthjar. Work began on this place in 762 HE, two years after King Asmorgerd was banished from the kingdom of Hofthorm.

In the Second Epoch, the Orchish Empire were pushing north, staking claim to the lands of Grashakh. One of those that contested this advance was the Dragon Queen of Krarthjar, a blue named Tyrinaxx. Seeing what she faced, orc armies of a different caliber, a hero for a leader, highly charismatic, Tyrinaxx struck a deal. She left her petty empire to be squabbled over, joining the forces under the Ageless Emperor. Since she left, other leaders have come and went. None brought the security like she did. Today, home to Kotharlarg, Tyrinaxx actively keeps Atlaknar and the petty lords of Krarthjar in a state of agitation.

Notable Areas