Hungrur Drain

Hungrur is a fiery wasteland in sector Mirtheon, in the northern reaches of the Olmi Hjark mountain range. This cooked basin is a product of the frequent eruptions of the Torowkrorn volcano. In addition to eruptions, the area is punished by continuous streams of magma flowing easterly into a perpetual lake of magma. The overflow ends up flowing down old mining shafts, then into the dark reaches below where it recycles into one of the rivulets of Surturs Artery, the Skera Hrolmir.

Luckily for the verdant lands to the east, the lava lake and the wasteland are not growing. The mining shafts, once used by the Orchish Empire for 50% of their iron, serve as magma drainage canals. In the Second Epoch, the Orchish Empire discovered iron deposits in the area. There claim to the area was contested by Krarthjar leading to the Hungrur War. The war between the two ended when Torowkrorn was made to go "hot". In a few years, the volcano's eruptions engulfed most of the mining shafts, ruining the ore deposits, and making most of them unusable with all the heat and noxious gases lingering about.

Today, this area is home to fire mephits, salamanders and other fiery brutes. These creatures, brought to this area when Torowkrorn went hot, are generally hostile. Even the fire giants living in Torowkrorn have problems with them. They share intelligence with their old Githirmil rivals; now partners in keeping the restless natives in check.

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