Nárfaltuin - Inirthak

Long before the establishment of the Orchish Empire, this forest stretched into Hells Womb with the forest of Gwaeldior its southern tip. It was then home to the wood elves of Lorthrindal, Centaur, Pixie, Wood Woad and a host of other fey types.

In the Arduous March (1041 - 1096), orcs pushed into southeastern Grashakh. East of Gúluzgash they clear-cut the forest all the way to the Foronir River. This along with a northward push, claiming land and building outposts led to the War of Nárfaltuin (1048 - 1130). Largely victorious, the Orchish Empire was left to establish a string of fortifications from Gúluzgash to Othragmac then north along the Glumgard River to the nascent settlement of Kotharlarg.

Like most forests of Grashakh, Nárfaltuin is a disputed land. The fey, often backed by druids, are vigilant about keeping the forest from being further reduced by civilization. Most of the time, these Nárfaltuin's fey work with interested parties, practicing careful forestry management, or making some money on the side.

Over-logging in Nárfaltuin is a always a topic of the Glade Summit. Talking about it now for centuries.

- unknown, comment overheard at the Glade Summit - "Regional Politics"

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