Spear of Dispater

RegionImgangreth, Sathubas
Created3 Lunar 9414 GE

The Spear of Dispater is a iron vein spiraling downward threw multiple subterranean tiers. Dispater's First Miracle, they would call it. In a rare burst of passion, the Covenant general Dispater pulled off a Final Act, a powerful ritual tying a crawling null mine to one's energy composition.

If something were to make the target's energy make-up suddenly change, then the mine is set-off, cutting a hole into the Web. It is small tear, but for a 10 to 20 seconds, one becomes a Root Creationist.

- Primordial Weapon Mechanics 300

The event that triggered Dispater, was the Trial of Asmodeus. On 3 Lunar 9414 GE, the ringleader Asmodeus, Dispater and the rest of his loyalist generals joined the ignominy of the Fallen Angels. Dispater's Final Act was the casting down of his war spear in disdain of the Covenant's verdict, of the work they put into protecting the Mortal Systems and for some ending the Primordial menace. Of the many legends of this time, all those of this area speak of Dispater's spear piercing deep, splintering as it drove to the core of Bal-Kriav. It left in its wake a spiraling iron vein that descends all the way through the world.

The tunnels system around the Spear of Dispater is collectively known as Bara Bogi.

Notable Resources
  • Iron