Ship Costs

Typeocean-going, skyships, and voidships

The list below indicates the ship type which can be as general as a caravel to some specific to an empire like the Abhômaipeth Mothership. The category is an indication of its normal purpose and strength. Hardness for the amount of damage above that must be scored to damage the vessel, normal number of hit points (HPS), the speed and standard costs of a bare bones model. For medium, ocean means the ship can only go in water, sky means it is a skyship and normally is restricted to air and landing on land, they usually are not seaworthy. A void medium means it is like a skyship but can also enter the Void. Propulsion indicates the standard means of making the ship move. Empire indicates what organization commonly uses this type of ship.

The cost of these ships excludes the costs of cannons, special hulls, and other special additions.

TypeCategoryHardnessHPSSpeed (knots)CostMediumPropulsonEmpire
Abhômaipeth Mothershipvoid carrier??????5,700,000voidOrbusAbhômaipeth
Angel of Athenamedium attack??????1,550,000voidPumpMalacost
Bara Sorleiflight attack??????1,000,000skyPumpGriddrir
Colossus Hellshipmedium attack ??????900,000skywind, magicOrchish Empire
Crimson Scorpionlight attack ??????1,400,000voidPumpCrimson Eye
Deep Six Battle Mountainheavy attack ??????2,500,000voidForgeDeep Six
Doom Widowlight attack ??????1,100,000voidLifejammerArachnidion
Giff Avengerheavy attack??????2,750,000voidPumpGiff League
Giff Platformmerchant ????301,200,000voidvariesGiff League
Gindinâth Skiffmerchant ??????350,000skyair mote giants of Gindinâth
Great Bombardheavy attack ??????2,000,000voidLifejammerBa'lith
Green Orb Weavermedium attack ??????750,000voidLifejammerArachnidion
Grimsuvelth Trawlers merchant132,600580,000oceanwindOathundor
Gruumsh Dreadnoughtheavy attack ??????2,900,000voidArtifurnaceOrchish Empire
Harvestermerchant550020200,000skyLifejammerBlack Tide of Thasmudyan
Lamprey Destroyermedium attack ??????1,650,000voidPumpIvory Asylum
Lance of Arcanamedium attack ??????1,600,000voidGrandTamlêrran
Nautiloidmedium attack ??????1,400,000voidPoolSuellk
Ogre Mammothmedium attack ??????1,300,000voidPumpvaries
Pillar of Hornsheavy attack ??306,500,000voidvariesBa'lith
Pyramid of Setheavy attack ????35variesvoidvariesKhazarkar Empire
Ravounmedium attack ??????700,000skywind, magicHar'kish
Salzârrâk Runnerlight attack 7900715,000oceanwindBa'lith
Silver Ravenheavy attack ??????2,200,000voidFurnaceParadomea
SOL 1st, "Battleship"heavy attack121,4005100,000oceanwind
SOL 2nd, "Cruiser"heavy attack101,200585,000oceanwind
SOL 3rd, "Destroyer"medium attack9900665,000oceanwind
SOL 4th, "Frigate"medium attack9800655,000oceanwind
SOL 5th, "Corvette"light attack8600645,000oceanwind
SOL 6th, "Pursuer"light attack7500630,000oceanwind
Spawnvoid carrier??????5,300,000voidPoolArachnidion
Squid Shipmedium attack??????1,500,000voidPoolSuellk
Stellar Whalermerchant??????1,200,000voidPumpIvory Asylum
Suellk Dreadnaughtvoid carrier??????4,500,000voidPoolSuellk
Tyrant Orblight attack??????150,000skyOrbusAbhômaipeth
Gyalech Speederlight attack8410824,000oceanwind
Void Lurkercovert??????1,200,000voidGnomish HelmEngineen
Whale Cruiserheavy attack??????2,800,000voidPumpIvory Asylum
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