Ship Engines

Typeengines for voidships and skyship

Voidships and skyships get their power from Arcane Energy. This power comes from a magical engine. These engines have also been used to power up magical portals like the Hollow of Sargos.

It continues along its upward angle for several hundred yards before coming to a stop — a failsafe of all skyships is that if someone is not at the wheel, the ship will power down, only keeping enough energy going to maintain its current elevation. Without the captain, the ship levels off on its own, settling to a position where it will use the least amount of energy. If that burns out, it will fall to the ground.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Ships of the Astral Sea are usually powered by engines harnessing Psychic Energy - the propellant that gets one through this other dimension.

Engine Types

Energy Converter80,000
Sphere of Arcane550,000
Soul Engine180,000
Tarsilja Latticeunavailable
Warp Matter Core1,000,000