Typespecial hulls and protections

The hulls listed here are enhanced, warded and designed for military applications. They can be used by all ships.

Hull Types

TypeCostAC BonusSpecial QualitiesFire Protection
Hullback2.5x0+30% hp, +2 speednone
Class Ias ship0nonenone
Class II2x+3+200hpType I
Class III3x+5+400hpType II
Elder1.2x0+25hp, +1 hardnessnone
Kraken4x+6+275hp, reflectionType II
Mephigax Bound1.25x-1+100hp, Mephigax safety
Skin of Atlas5x+8-1 Speed, +600hp, improved reflectionType III

For many centuries, the manufacturing processes for the Skin of Atlas and Kraken hulls were closely guarded secrets of the Giff League. In the Black Tide War, ships with these special hulls lost to the enemy, led to the new owners eventually figuring out how to produce it on their own.


These hulls are made in the Ivory Asylum. They are the standard hull of the Elderaunt merchant navy. The extra protection and sea worthiness of these hulls is due to the expert construction methods of Ivory Asylum's shipwrights.

Fire Protection

Fire protection reduces the amount of damage a vessel takes from fire-based attacks. Special plant oils, wood types, and other alchemical chemicals are used in treating the timbers of a ship's hull.

Type I-50% from fire
Type II-75% from fire
Type III100% protection vs. fire from Firebrand


The wood used in these hulls has a 5% chance to deflect ballistic attacks.

Imroved Reflection

The wood used in these hulls has a 30% chance to deflect ballistic attacks.


Reflects the increase or decrease in rate of movement (in MPH) from using this class of hull.