Typecannons, mortars

In the Third Epoch, gunpowder based artillery began to replace catapults and ballista. This led to an increase in range of engagement, increased damage and penetration, and lessened the reliance on evokers capable of raining death from spells like Fire Ball and Icestorm. An army could also bring more artillery to the field since they were easily replaceable and generally more durable than dangerous spellcasters who's lives are generally short-lived in warfare.

Energy based artillery has been around since the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). They are much rarer than gunpowder weapons, limited by special ammunition whose explosive element comes by way of tightly controlled or hard to reach Energy Rifts.


ItemDAAOERange IncrementCrewROFPowderCost
Chaos Cannon12d43555031020,000
Cyclops Harbor12d8405008 (2)54528,500
Hand of Githspecialspecialspecial100special500 Obelisk Charges1,000,000
heavy cannon8d63035053225,500
Hull Cracker10d840450844015,500
Knell Cannon10d63030 (3)1103,000
light cannon4d62035032102,500
medium cannon6d62550042164,000
Ole' Faithful15d8457002055050,000


ItemDAAOERange IncrementCrewROFPowderCost
Bearded Belly6d6303005282,000
Energy Cauldron4d830400222 Obelisk Charges2,000
The Belcher8d64050063143,500
Thunder Hand10d65060084225,500

  1. proficiency in aiming and using artillery equates to +3 attack bonus
  2. special crew requirements, see item description
  3. a knell cannon has a maximum range of 30'


Area of effect, or AOE is in the number of feet in diameter. Piercing Rounds do not have an area of effect; instead affecting one target with the listed damage. For Exploding Rounds, all creatures in this area are subject to fire(15%), concussion(30%), and shrapnel damage(55%). Weapons that deal energy damage cause 75% energy and 25% force damage.


Damage, or DA, is reduced for cover. Every point of cover (such as behind a wall, among a ship's rigging, mast, railings, etc.), reduces the listed damage by two hit points.


Unless otherwise noted, this is the amount of gunpowder required to fire one round of ammunition. Energy Cauldron use Obelisk Charges as their ammunition.

Range Increment

Artillery pieces have a -2 cumulative to-hit chance after first range increment. The maximum number of range increments for projectiles is 10.


Rate of fire, or ROF is the number of rounds required to load and aim the piece. It also assumes that the ammunition and powder is close to the artillery piece. Typically,the artillerist will not keep a large supply of hazardous materials close to the firing position.

Keep only several rounds of ammo and gunpowder in your firing position. Sparks, counter battery fire, magic or other hostile attack could set-off a large stockpile of ammunition and gunpowder leaving a smoking crater and little more than fragments of your crew.

- Mortar Mouth, "Artillery Basics"