RegionIce Cap
MapIberak Mountains
The Iberaks are lofty ice-capped mountains north of Khalas. Like most areas of the Ice Cap region, these highlands are covered with a lot of blue-ice. The peaks are riddled with mines started by lost empires and operated today by the Brisingr, Icyke, the goliath, and the Azwyr Amoruk.

Mining has been going on in the Iberaks for thousands of years. The distant ancestors of the Brisingr worked the mines as free-men for a time, then as slaves to Gadstill Dynasty, and now, once again as free-men. During the Horgon Era, many of the other humanoids of the area suffered a similar fate. Some caves of Ice Cap have painting made long ago by the goliath. They show a period when they were in chains and being led by giants. This an obvious reference to the Horgon Era, when two Titan Empires held sway over much of Ice Cap. For a time, the Gadstill Dynasty ruled the western reaches, and Saer Erkjorg ruled the east.

Notable Areas