Masked Landing

LocationBuccaneer Archipelago

This island is perpetually covered in a deep fog. Most of the approaches to the island have to be made through narrow channels choked with coral reefs. The thick fog that masks the island makes navigation through these channels nearly impossible.

Pirates and merchant salvaging companies frequently make forays into the waters of the Masked Island. Many end up as more junk and wrecks that litter the shores of the place. During the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), several ships and all of their crews were lost to treacherous reefs and shoals of this island. One of these lost ships is said have been carrying a number of the leaders of the Niratar Theocracy.

Masked Island is the home of primitive tribes and a few dragons. The coral reefs surrounding the island hold many dangers, with colonies of brain coral, reef sharks, and dangerous jelly fish posing the most threat to swimmers or stranded ships.