Kingdom of Bloodtusk

CategoryFallen Empires
CapitalIvory Ward
DeitiesThasmudyan, Neld-Rac
Tradeships, spices, fruit, lead, silver, gemstones
EnemiesBurterinii, Ivory Asylum, Malacost, Malshirk'iss, Paradomea
FounderJairall Bloodtusk
Reign1465 - 1807

In the 1465, admiral Jairall Bloodtusk founded a kingdom in his name. The nation was formed on the conquered Ma'Ohari colonial territories of Ivory Asylum, the cities Tâchumâz and Salandirik, and the pirate holds Raci-Tuc and Ren-Jorusk.

The Kingdom of Bloodtusk gave safe haven to pirates acting against other nations. One of the longest running conflicts with a foreign power was with the Burterinii. Jairall coveted the territories of this nation as he sought to bring all of Ma'Ohari under his control.

King Jairall Bloodtusk was the supreme ruler of this evil kingdom. His second in command was Queen Cryanus. In its early days, this kingdom carried out more piracy than honorable trade. Jairall was a warmonger, lax on laws, and following the creed that might makes right. As a result, the kingdom was unstable and chaotic.

During the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), many minotaurs and other malcontents flooded to the banners of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk. The empire also had a large population of maleraunts. These cousins to the elderaunts proved to be the most dangerous populace of the kingdom - prone to chaos, violence, and brutality of a demoniac flavor. This was proven in 1695, when the demigod Coeus was killed by the hell knight Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc. This was a major blow to the kingdom's maleraunts because many worshiped him alongside Thasmudyan. They blamed Ba'lith, and in particular those minotaurs who sided with the god slayer in the Coeus Civil War (1694 - 1697). The large minotaur population of their own kingdom gave them an outlet for their rage. Many minotaurs were slain in the streets, their corpses dined on by the blood-lust maddened and depraved maleraunts. To quench the maleraunt's thirst for revenge, Jairall declared a short-term war on Ba'lith. This lasted several months and resulted in few casualties on either side, with most nations simply calling it a phony war. Undertaking persuasive political campaigns, Jairall claimed to his subjects that Raxcvillibus must himself be a god, for surely only a god can kill another god. After this campaign of misinformation, the maleraunts, a race called dim-witted by other civilizations, believed the wise words of Jairall and came to view Raxcvillibus as no less than a god. Jairall was content with this change of opinion, Raxcvillibus more so, for now he could garner maleraunt support in any actions he may someday take against the Kingdom of Bloodtusk.

In the Brothers Enmity War (1697 - 1723), Bloodtusk mercenaries in the thousands served under the banners of the Ba'lith Empire.

In 1475, the Kingdom went to war with Malshirk'iss. The Serpent Reckoning (1475 - 1478) war ended three years later with the Kingdom's defeat. The Ralban Treaty only ended hostilities between Jairall's kingdom and the yuan-ti. The Night Vigil refused all peace overtures, accepting nothing less than the elimination of the undead king.

In the Burterinii-Bloodtusk War (1795 - 1800), the Kingdom was attacked by an alliance between the Pirate Lords and the Burterinii Empire. In the Battle of Bloodtusk Bay, the kingdom's undead admiral-king went down with his flagship. When word spread of the end of someone they believed could not be destroyed, chaos and confusion ensued. The kingdom's holdings got new owners, with Raci-Tuc and Ren-Jorusk reverting to independent city-states and Ivory Ward and Salandirik raising the colors of the Burterinii Empire.