StateKingdom of Bloodtusk

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), Bloodtusk's armies served as the naval arm of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

At the height of her power, the Kingdom of Bloodtusk had a formidable navy blockading and preventing succor from reaching the shores besieged by the Black Tide's land armies. A few of the more notable units follow:

Damned Marines

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Ghul Armada

The Ghul Armada was the naval arm of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk. The backbone of this fleet was the Armada of the Damned and its flagship Godheads Revenge. The Ghul Armada saw its greatest action in the Black Tide War. They were tasked with blockading the Farinteen Empire.

Even after the end of Black Tide operations in the Lands of Purity and Hells Womb, the navy of King Bloodtusk kept the supply ships protected as they moved their best troops to the isles of Necrocrypt.

Being a Taln'nazân Wight-King, Jairall lusted for death and war. His warmongering eventually resulted in a powerful alliance that in the Burterinii-Bloodtusk War (1795 - 1800) sent the the cream of its fleet and their admiral-king to the bottom.

Skull Brigadiers

The Skull Brigadiers were composed of 16 Maleraunt corps and auxiliary forces. They were the elite ground forces of Bloodtusk's armies. The Skull Brigadiers were a ruthless force, responsible for some of the most heinous atrocities against their enemies.

Giminâth, a maleraunt doctor and necromancer, supplemented the unit with elephant calves subjected to twisted experiments. These heinous experiments were assisted by elements of the Ryldorvir; specialists in creating new twisted lifeforms. The elephant calves underwent a sinister transformation process, turned into stunted elephants with an evil disposition and dark cunning. These abominations became known as Vilephants.

In the Brothers Enimity War (1697 - 1723), elements of the Skull Brigadiers served the Ba'lith Empire as crack mercenaries.