Occupation Of Milithian

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Kingdom of Bloodtusk VS Farinteen Alliance

The Occupation of Milithian was one of many battles of the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). In 1502, a vast armada of ships from the Kingdom of Bloodtusk attacked the city of Milithian. Jairall Bloodtusk, Admiral of the Ghul Armada sought to open another front against the Holy Quinary and lay claim to something before the inevitable conclusion of the Black Tide War. While the navy blockaded and bombarded the city, the land side was cordoned off from succor by the Tharn-Mol.

The massive cannon balls of Ole' Faithful and the defensive batteries of the Titan Watch Towers sank many enemy ships. The powerful batteries could not stop what became a battle of attrition. The coastal walls were breached, and the maleraunts and pirates flooded into the city. The house-to-house and street fighting lasted seven months. One of the most memorable actions of the battle was the fight between two cannon batteries. On the side of the Black Tide was the demon forged cannon called the Squealer of the Abyss, while on the side of Milithian they counter battery fired with Ole' Faithful. These two cannons fired upon each other for hours and on several occasions took direct hits from its opposite. Numerous crews were lost on both sides before the fight ended when the Milithian navy had to scuttle the barge holding Ole' Faithful.

The sea walls were breached and the enemy had begun to enter the city. Rather than have the prize weapon fall to the enemy, the order was given to scuttle the barge and Ole' Faithful. This was done. Some of the brave crew stayed on and continued to fire the weapon even as it sank beneath the harbor's warm waters.

- excerpt from the book "Glory Days of Ole' Faithful"

The city garrison stopped the invaders at the docks. Bloodtusk's invasion force were driven back to their ships and back out to sea.

Milithian stands today restored, enlarged, a monument to disaster and triumph, a symbol of good over evil, a site of awful carnage, of fierce patriotism and burning loyalties, a city which will forever live, in the tears and legends of the Lands of Purity.