Tu Naar Hammer Peaks

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesHammer Peaks
MapsHiznaar Goz

Tu Naar is a mountain range of the Hiznaar Goz sector of the Aerie of Dragons. This mountain range is west of Lotlom Vund. Between these two ranges is the great river Viiz Bo and the ruin dotted valley of Krent Talaav and the deep forested vale of Feykro Silon.

In the north, the mountains are home to many stone giants. One of the passes through the mountains, Goldrah Fusvok Rahn ("Boulder Toss Pass"), was named for these stone giants. The southern part of the mountains are home to very reclusive dwarves collectively known as the Khage. These dwarves have bloodlines tracing back to the Demon Spawn War when the Hammers of Khage fought with the armies of Asmodeus against the demon hordes of Orcus.

A very large and scattered population of kobolds dwell in the southern reaches of Tu Naar. They have been warring with the Khage since the second century of the Horgon Era.