Ag Krenok Burning Divide

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasBurning Divide
MapsHiznaar Goz

The Burning Divide, or Ag Krenok in Draconic, is a valley wasteland of Hiznaar Goz. The valley is a rich source of naanabrak, which has been used in in the construction of many of the area's major fortifications.

At the southern end of the valley is the dragonborn ruin Lumnaar Hok. Both the ruin and the valley were set aflame during the Third Dragon Wake. An apocalypse dragon named Níðhöggr, magically awoken from a very long slumber, took out his frenzied rage on all that he encountered, dispatching other dragons and just about any other foe he came across. At Lumnaar Hok, he had problems taking the city because it was built like all Arkhosian cities to not only house dragons, but also defend against them. Níðhöggr killed thousands of the city's defenders with searing flames, thunderous bellows, claw, bite, wing, and tail. The dragon was mortally wounded after suffering innumerable hits from missile fire and magical attacks. When he died, his body spewed a rain of fiery blood which ignited everything it touch - earth, flesh, stone and water all became consumed and fueled the burning blood of Níðhöggr. This blood flowed like streams and then small rivers, reducing Lumnaar Hok and consuming much of the northern valley in fire. Thereafter, the valley became known as Ag Krenok, or the Burning Divide.

Even today, some areas of the valley and the ruins of Lumnaar Hok burn as bright and hot as the day they were started.

- Phoslomor, cartographer of the Third Epoch, excerpt from the book - "Phoslomor's Survey of Midrêth, Ch. 3"