Ag Krenok Burning Divide

Ag Krenok - Hiznaar Goz
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasBurning Divide
MapHiznaar Goz

The Burning Divide, or Ag Krenok in Draconic, is a valley wasteland of Hiznaar Goz. This area is a rich source of Naanabrak; a stone used the construction of many of the area's major fortifications.

At the southern end of the valley is the ruin Lumnaar Hok. In the Third Dragon Wake (1575 HE - 1576 HE), the apocalypse dragon Nidhogg reduced Lumnaar Hok to a burning ruin. He also died in the attack, his death unleashing a rain of fire and a river of burning blood that oozed northward setting most everything it touched aflame. Burned and scorched, where no plant-life will take hold, this valley became known as Ag Krenok, the Burning Divide.

Even today, some areas of the valley and the ruins of Lumnaar Hok burn as bright and hot as the day they were started.

- Phoslomor, cartographer of the Third Epoch, excerpt from the book - "Phoslomor's Survey of MidrĂȘth, Ch. 3"

Ag Krenok is a rite of passage for those becoming frenzied barbarians. Those with the resources are encouraged to spend a week here, living in the wild, feeling the rage of Nidhogg course bodies attuned to such things.

Notable Resources