Ayaraigas Bone Walker

Typedevice, transport

Ayaraigas Bone Walkers were made by the god Benevolence. He made them from the husks of giant stone spiders that once served the primordials in the Creation War. These giant spiders were a constant nuisance to him and his workers while they built the Vaults of Ayaraigas. Those destroyed intact were turned into spider-like automations that were then used as mounts or for hauling equipment and material. When the Nithians came out of their temporal stasis and left the Vaults, they used Ayaraigas Bone Walkers to set-out on their journeys.

One of these spider-like automations ended up in possession of the lich Katrana. She modified it for her dark purposes, turning it into a weapon of destruction. This modified version became known as the Bone Walker of Desolation.

Ayaraigas Bone Walkers vary in size, from that of a large spider to gargantuan size. Large ones are equal to 15 HD stone golem, huge a 20 HD golem, and the largest equivalent to a 25 HD stone golem. Unlike regular stone golems, Ayaraigas Bone Walkers have a high movement speed.

Chariotspeed 40 ft. land, 30 ft. climbcontinuous
Walk On Wallsspider climbcontinuous
Golemequal to stone golem for everything except movementcontinuous