Terraces of Mêzelurûs

Built11 Artifice 9451 GE

When the creationist Mêzelurûs became one with the land around her, she forever changed the inland sea Mizzen, the forest and creatures of Zendanul, and the grasslands of Shathirmun. From the north of this plain, all the way into Nelthack's black waters, the ground split open leaving rocky terraces. Over the ages these towering spires have grown rich with life. In Shathirmun, a rainy area, many of Izagunbar's inland streams and rivers begin at these mountain-sized terraces. On the fringes of the ocean Mizzen are partially sunken terraces, and in the deeps, sunken ones. Those in Nelthack are surrounded by wetlands. The largest terrace of this swamp serves as the foundation for the city Sakullêth.

In addition to being a source of wonderment and homes for many creatures, the Terraces of Mêzelurûs reveal lore. These runes, visible at specific times of the year, are called the Musings of Mêzelurûs. They provide a rare look into the mind of a powerful being that died in Izagunbar region.

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