The Droonesh swamp is east and north of the Hangath Forest. Reeking of rotting vegetation, its waters are black and murky. The blackness is caused by vegetation which colors the water as it rots. These same weeds are used as dyes.

Droonesh is known for its swarming insects. They are especially bad in the summer. Another of Droonesh's problems is the higher number of undead that stumble about the mires. There are also small fiend worshiping cults, trained at Argruxiel and sent here for practical knowledge. Some of these practitioners of the dark arts remain in stay Droonesh. Some becoming villains, others selling their creations, both magic and undead, to the Orchish Empire's Ebonweird division.

Droonesh's trolls have been in this area longer than any other. Most are descendants of an army that had once served under Maglubiyet. In the Demon Spawn War, this army was nearly wiped out when it was caught between two demon armies, one serving Demogorgon and the other serving Baphomet. When the demons scattered Maglubiyet's army, they did not pursue, instead turning on each other with fiendish ferocity. The two demon armies wiped each other out in the bogs. The trolls of Maglubiyet's army remained in the swamp. The goblin element fled into Bowkrak, Hangath, and neighboring areas.

From the north, the swamp is fed by the Umgaril River. This waterway is a trade route between Valangrim and the swamp city of Argruxiel. Droonesh drains to the southwest, becoming the headwaters of the Glumgard River.

Notable Areas