Theruleth is a tangled dreary swamp in the northern reaches of the valley MauhĂșl. It is a dismal place home to serpents, hags, evil fey, leucrotta, basilisks, Graagvrii, trolls, black dragons, undead, and other horrors. Theruleth's self-proclaimed ruler is a rogue death slaad named Groggumblus. This deadly creature was gated in centuries ago by the Mad Wizard Flay. This crazed wizard met his doom when the slaad and Queen Thryunkian joined forces against him. After the defeat of Flay, Groggumblus took over his keep and then went on to subdue several large Graagvrii tribes in the area. In time, his control spread to clans of trolls and a few black dragons.

Groggumblus is on good terms with Queen Thryunkian of Ilorath. In centuries past, the union of these two have paralyzed traffic passing through the region west of Boraresh. Over the many centuries, the power of the Orchish Empire has gradually exceeded that of these two marshy dictators. The only activity they pursue today are state sponsored assassinations, raids, pillaging, and other criminal ventures.

Near the heart of this dismal wetland is Tridrak. This place was just a keep when owned by the Mad Wizard Flay. It has since grown to be a formidable castle.

Notable Areas
  • Tridrak