Thûlak is dreadful place. It is home to bands of bugbears, trolls, lizard men and a few fiendwurms. The demon-spawned fiendwurms were brought into the area when the Hjalmarbrodd dug into an ancient Mîmêk temple complex called Rakthîn-Mînzâg. On exploration of this Underdark dwellings, the dwarves battled with clay golems, hundreds of undead dwarves, and dozen of demons. Suffering fearful losses, Hjalmarbrodd's military collapsed the tunnels leading to the place. The safety of the upper tunnels was short-lived, as an ancient evil had been awoken in the god-forsaken Drushammer Deep. The evil being of this place created more than a dozen fiendwurms and sent them to the surface to slay all dwarves that they meet. As a result of these fearsome predators, the dwarves erected a ring of powerful bastions around the bog. In some of these are special guards, like giant rocs, silver dragons, bulettes, or stone giants. The presence of these powerful strongholds limits the attacks of these much-feared fiendwurms.

Notable Areas
  • mining shaft to the cavern of Drushammer Deep and Rakthîn-Mînzâg