Sareon is large swamp east of Maar'tolaak and north of Korbortun.

From 742 to 1120, Sareon was ruled by a primordial naga named Rilthang. Her first minions were three rival Graagvrii tribes, followed by two troll clans and their witch-hag leaders. It was under Rilthang's guidance that these hags formed a powerful convey to delve into her ancient tomes of primordial lore. In one of these tomes, they learned a ritual to enhance the intellect and fighting prowess of the subject. One of these experiments succeeded in creating the realm's first war troll.

When the war troll population grew to several dozen, Rilthang took them and her other minions to war. They raided the territory of their neighbors in all directions. The two major adversaries of Rilthang were the dwarves of Anarukthalan and the dragon Mathongrarg. In the Year 1120, an adventuring party named the Fists of Atlas went into the marsh and killed Rilthang. Unfortunately for them, they were too weak after the fight and laden with booty to make it out of Sareon - or so the legend goes.

Today, the swamp is still a very dangerous place to enter. The trolls are cunning and employ poisoned arrows and hurl methane pods. The Graagvrii employ similar tactics but also ambush from the maze of canals cutting through the swamp. There are also many powerful hags in the area. They meet annually and perform rituals in an attempt to bring another powerful primordial naga to Sareon. Many of the war trolls that serve in the Tormoran Federation come from Saeron.

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