RegionNorthern Hordelands, Troll Bogs
MapEngargin Swamp

Engargin is the northernmost swamp of the Troll Bogs. It is the head of what is known as the Radullu Creep.

The bogs of this area has been a haven for trolls since the Demon Spawn War. In the God Era, many trolls escaped their demon masters. Those that came to this northern swamp entrenched. General Giracian, then serving under Sess'innek, deemed the area unworthy of struggle. The trolls were left to this area.

Today, Engargin's trolls are highly independent, numerous, and secure behind murky bogs. They have resisted encroachment by the likes of the Witch Horde, the Divine Empire and Ningizzida.

Tribal fighting among the area's trolls is incessant; with the most dangerous elements being cannibalistic tribes led by green hag cabals. The shamanic ability of these green hags is impressive and thought to have only encouraged shamanic practices, or witchery as the Theegans call it, across Witch Horde society.